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 модернизация имеющихся в парке самолетов АН-2
An overhaul and subsequent modernization of the available AN-2 aircraft or the purchase of already upgraded aircraft TVS-2MS will enlarge carrying capacity and increase transport accessibility in the regions of the Russian Federation.
Двигатель TPE331-12
TPE331-12 engine installation provides:

15-20% improvement in aircraft performance;

use of aviation kerosene instead of expensive aviation gasoline;

reduction of noise and vibration;

the twice long flight range of the full loaded aircraft;

improvement of temperature conditions in the passenger and pilot cabins due to the use of air extracted from the power unit;

reduction of fuel consumption;

the functioning of anti-icing systems of the engine and the screw

the possibility of autonomous operation of the aircraft

using existing infrastructure and aviation personnel with An-2 aircraft operating experience.
Engine compartment is designed with the latest 3D modeling technology.

25 000 flight hours and 6250 landings have been performed in life tests of the engine mount and the standard linkage units.

All fatigue strength tests of the elements of the engine mounts were made as well.