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Batteries 12-SAM-28 - 4 pcs.

Regular aeronautical and instrument
aircraft equipment of An-2

Engine Control Devices TRE331-12

VHF Command Radio - 2 sets

Coherent radio station of HF range "Crystal" - 1 set

ARM-406P or AK-451

Photo hatch

12 folding seats

Interior trim decorative panels

Set of covers: cabin, engine compartment, propeller

Parking pads

Set of parking leashes
5-blade vane-reversible
and has an anti-icing system

Spare parts for the engine at the rate of up to 800 hours
Ground equipment (2 ladders, a set of helical lifts)

Painting the aircraft according to the customer's scheme

Airplane logbook

Engine logbook

Flight Manual

Maintenance regulations

Technological guidelines

Lightweight single shaft turboprop engine has
an anti-icing system of the engine air intake.